Wilai Room 6 weeks – 2 years

The Nursery provides care for up to 12 children a day with four educators working in this room across the day.

This is often the child’s first experience in a centre based childcare setting. We therefore place a great emphasis on emotional wellbeing. This includes children becoming familiar with the Caregivers, the environment and other children. We work in close partnership with Families to make the transition smooth and comfortable. We continue routines and practices that have already been established at home. This ensures that both the child and the families feel safe, secure and nurtured as they begin this journey with us.

Children are provided with play- based learning experiences and challenges throughout their day. These experiences foster early development of literacy, maths, emotional wellbeing, social interactions, gross motor, fine motor, self help skills and confidence.

There is a separate outdoor yard for the Nursery where children can explore with confidence. The Nursery is also equipped with a bottle prep area, cot room, bedroom and both nappy changing facilities and toilet facilities for those embarking on toilet training.