Mowane Room 3-6 years

The Preschool room has up to 28 children with four educators working across the day.
The program within the Preschool Room incorporates all of the key learning areas, which are taught through play based learning opportunities. Learning opportunities within the room develop the children’s skills and abilities to assist them become cooperative and productive members of the Community.

Educators place emphasis on enhancing the children’s social and emotional skills, which are important to the development of their sense of self and understanding the emotions of others.

Educators challenge their thinking and extend on their awareness of maths, science and literacy through discovery and experimentation. Children are encouraged in higher level thinking. This happens through questioning, hypothsising, and exploration during activities and group discussions.

Interwoven into the daily activities is our School Readiness Program for those children who are moving onto school the following year.

We also have a Bush Kindy Program

As part of our community involvement program and connection to land  we are extending our program to include Bush Kindy. We take a small group of children (6-8) and two Educators to a local bush area to explore and investigate.This experience means that children will learn about bush tucker, making shelters, climbing logs, lashing sticks together using natural grasses and ropes and protecting and looking after our natural flora and fauna. Other experiences they may participate in are tying hammocks between trees, bush walks, stories, rope swings, climbing in and through large nets and drawing what they see. They will further develop skills of problem solving, assessing risks, cooperating and communicating with peers all with the support of Educators.

Children will be using language, maths, science, creativity, imagination, investigation, exploration. There will be endless opportunities for learning.

We are fortunate enough to have a mini bus and we are using this to transport the children to the Bush Kindy site. This bus is fitted with approved car seats. We would be leaving the Centre around 9.30 and returning by 1:30pm at the latest. Families are asked to pack a water bottle and empty lunch box for their child.  We will be providing sandwiches and snacks for the children attending. Children will carry these in their own backpack which, will also have their spare clothing etc. Meals are on a progressive, when you are hungry schedule and we will be monitoring to ensure children are actually eating. Enclosed shoes are needed on this excursion.

We have resources that we will utilise at Bush Kindy. This includes picnic rugs, hand sanitiser, First Aid kit, Insect repellent, hammocks and ropes. Our Educators will carry First Aid provisions, emergency and health information for all children attending and contact details for parents/caregivers. A full risk assessment will be completed prior to these excursions starting.