Pre-School Room 3-6 years

The Preschool room has up to 28 children with four educators working across the day.
The program within the Preschool Room incorporates all of the key learning areas, which are taught through play based learning opportunities. Learning opportunities within the room develop the children’s skills and abilities to assist them become cooperative and productive members of the Community.

Educators place emphasis on enhancing the children’s social and emotional skills, which are important to the development of their sense of self and understanding the emotions of others.

Educators challenge their thinking and extend on their awareness of maths, science and literacy through discovery and experimentation. Children are encouraged in higher level thinking. This happens through questioning, hypothsising, and exploration during activities and group discussions.

Interwoven into the daily activities is our School Readiness Program for those children who are moving onto school the following year.

Excursion to post a letter
Stages of pencil grip
Making our own pizzas
Our own made pizzas
Ball skills
Learning to chop
Look how many we grew
Hmm What to make with these
Artists impression of whats growing
Watering the plants
Helping to plant
Having a go at peeling potatoes
Tender Loving Care
Learning about compost
Excursion to the grocery store
Excursion to the police station
Even a look inside the car
Crossing the road safely
Construction Play
Music Time
Wet Weather fun
Climbing to new heights
Character Play
Preschool Room
Book shelves in Preschool room
Book nook in preschool room
Excursion to Toronto Library
Outside Toronto Library
Water Play Day
Water Pillow
Watch me climb
Tending to the veggie garden
Learning about fire safety