Toronto Child Care Centre Philosophy


We Believe
At Toronto Community Childcare Centre we believe in providing an environment that respects the child’s right and need for belonging, supportive relationships, wellbeing and safety. We believe children gain positive self-identity and confidence when valued in an inclusive, responsive and nurturing environment.

Through open communication we develop and foster collaborative partnerships with children, their families, staff and the broader community. We embrace the diverse knowledge, beliefs, values and culture to enrich the lives of children and develop a strong sense of belonging. We recognise families as being a child’s first teacher and are the most important influence in every child’s life.  We ensure that a child’s family, cultural beliefs and identity is respected and embraced in our Service.

Our Program
We provide a play based curriculum encompassing the Early Years Learning Framework, which supports the development of young children. The importance of play is supported by research in promoting healthy, social, emotional, physical and intellectual development.
In partnership with our families, educators implement programs that support the development of individual children’s needs and interests. We are advocates for children and parents trust that we will recognise children’s ongoing needs, this includes liaising with other professionals to support those needs. We believe in developing a holistic approach to teaching, which allows children to gain the skills to be confident, independent and involved learners, who can try new things and safely take risks.

Our Educators
As Educators we believe it is essential that we continually reflect on our practice and attitude to ensure we are teaching with intention and respect.  Through reflection we adapt our practices in response to the needs of our children, families and the community. As Educators we continually take opportunities to gain personal and professional development through training opportunities. This ensures high quality care and inclusive practices which provides equity for all children in our care.

Our Commitment
We at Toronto Community Childcare Centre are committed to providing high quality Child Care and Education, with programs that support a sustainable environment where children are encouraged to develop and become empowered and lifelong learners.